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The invasion of the security forces of the Iranian regime to Iranian workers and Writers on the eve of May Day


On the eve of May Day, International Workers’ Day, security forces of the Islamic regime stormed the work places and homes of the labor activists, arrested them to prevent them from organizing an independent celebration of International Workers’ Day.

Also, According to the Iranian Writers’ Association, on the first day of May, the regime’s security forces stormed and searched the home of Bektas Abtin’, a poet, filmmaker and member of the board of the Iranian Writers’ Association, and took the records of Writers’ Association, personal belongings and even family photographs; they also informed him that he is wanted for questioning in the Ministry of Information (Etela-aat) on May 6th. Bektas Abtin has been interrogated several times before.

On the 9th of April, the security forces inspected the houses of Reza Khandan (Mahabadi), writer, literary critic and member of the board of the Iranian Writers’ Association, and he was giving a summons to the interrogation headquarters of the Ministry of Information (Etela-aat) on May 13th, to answer the charges of “propaganda against the Islamic regime”. Also The morning of Monday, May 14th, Narges Mohammadi, a human rights activist was arrested in her home in Tehran.

Freedom-loving people of Iran and the world

Now, while the Islamic regime has been brought down to its knees because of its dishonest nuclear policies, its new attacks are the sequence of the policies and procedures that the Islamic regime has always tried to use in critical and important junctures, yet another campaign to create fear among the labor activists, the board of the Iranian Writers Association and other social movements to keep the social atmosphere in the current suffocation.

To deal with the criminal policies of the Islamic regime of Iran, Iranian PEN in Exile calls all organizations and institutions and democratic forces, and writers and artists, especially the International PEN to condemn this new wave of aggression of the Islamic regime security forces against the workers, members of the board of the Iranian Writers’ Association and other cultural, political and social activists, and demand for the release of political prisoners and the abolition of censorship and repression, torture and execution in Iran.


Iranian PEN in Exile

May 2015

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