about exhibition of books by the Iranian Islamic regime on the occasion of the International PEN Congress in Bishkek(Kyrgyzstan)


armThe announcement of the Iranian PEN Centre ( in Exile) about exhibition of books by the Iranian Islamic regime  on the occasion of  the International PEN Congress in Bishkek(Kyrgyzstan).


Iranian PEN in Exile is a part of International PEN and one of its annual Congress participants. This year and for the first time in PEN’s history, its annual congress had been held in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan which starts on Monday September 29th.


According to the decision of Iranian PEN’s in Exile board members, Mr Bahram Rahmani, as President of PEN in Exile and Mr. Nasser Pejman one International Secretary of the Board were to attend just as they did the last year in Iceland, but since too many threats has been made against Bahram Rahmani and his relatives recently by the Islamic government in Iran, the board recommended that he should not participate and he decided to consider the their advise and not to participate, and now Mr. Nasser Pejman is the only member of Iranian PEN in Exile in the International PEN’s Congress.


The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kyrgyzstan, has have a book exhibition in the congress hall, with a large number of books mostly Khomeini’s books translated into Russian, in addition to the books of Masnavi of Rumi and other books for presentation to the authors under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

When Nasser Pejman, saw Khomeini’s books and his pictures, and talked to them to protest against killing of prisoners, torture, intimidation and repression of freedoms in the Islamic state, they started threatening him and taking pictures of him.

Eventually one person from the Embassy of the Iranian Islamic state approach Mr. Pejman and suggest that they could have a discussions with him, but he refuses since we believe that a discussion with the representatives of the tens of thousands of executions, stoning, oppression and terror, censorship and repression can not be held and many representatives of different PENs suport his decision since The Islamic Republic of Iran is so exposed that everybody knows that this regime is a reign of terror and has been fighting against freedom the first day of its establishment.

A small part of the crimes committed by the Islamic government in Iran has been described in an open letter from B. Rahmani to the Congress of PEN-International.

And then the Embassy of the Islamic Republic, was notoriously forced to  close down their exhibition and go.


We are extremely grateful and thank our colleagues and PEN’s representatives for supporting us and protesting against Islamic regime and its representatives Bishkek and forcing them to leave the hall after a couple of hours; but we ask the authorities, especially the Central Asian PEN responsible for holding that Congress in Kyrgyzstan to be cautious about the influence of Islamic regime and to ensure the safety of our representatives further.

We also expect that International PEN Congress strongly condemn this action of the the Islamic regime.



30 september 2014

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